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Heal Your Back While Sleeping

If you have backache when you wake up, there are several things you can do to improve it. The recommendation is to understand the cause of your back pain to some extent, review your sleeping posture on the mattress during sleep, and check whether you are using bedding that is effective in reducing pain (especially mattresses such as mattresses and beds). Thing. On this page, the back is the leading cause feel painful, the body the correct posture not hurt, the choice of recommended best firm mattress for bad back in the case back breaks we ensure it explains. Let’s start with the leading causes of pain.

  • My back hurts when I wake up! What are the three possible causes?
  • Muscles and tendons
  • Bone
  • Other diseases
  • First, review how to sleep on the bed mattress and mattress
  • Depression: Beware of warped hips that cause back pain
  • Sideways: Make sure your back is straight
  • If your back still hurts … Check the comfort of your mattress

First of all, before introducing the recommended mattress measures for people with back pain, let’s explain the cause of back pain in the first place. When your back hurts, it is often caused by one of the following three reasons. If you have a backache, we recommend sleeping on your back against the mattress. The ideal sleeping position is to draw an S-shape with a soft spine on the bed for the head, back, buttocks, and heels. This distributes the weight of your body to the mattress and prevents symptoms such as “backache”.

If the mattress is too soft, a part of the body may sink too much, and if it is too hard, the body may float from the bed. This is a condition in which a load is applied to a specific part, and it quickly leads to pain such as back pain. In such cases, consider replacing your mattress. So, if you have a backache, what should you be careful about when choosing a bed? Specifically, we recommend a bed that meets the following two points.

The first point of the mattress recommended for those with back pain is that it has excellent body pressure distribution, and it is easy to turn over. Body pressure distribution is the property of applying force evenly. When a person lays down, the weight applied depends on the part of the body. For this reason, a mattress with the insufficient distribution of body pressure will cause the load to be biased to a part of the body, leading to symptoms such as back pain.

On the other hand, a mattress with excellent body pressure distribution pushes back heavy parts of the body with repulsive force. Hence, it is easy for weight to be distributed throughout the body. For this reason, a mattress with excellent body pressure distribution is recommended for those who have a backache because it does not put a load on the body. 

Features of the best firm mattress for the bad back are as follows:

1:If you have a backache, use one with a thickness of 8 cm or more.

2:Mattress density of 30D or higher is recommended

W recommend non-coil high-resilience mattresses in terms of “body pressure distribution” and “easiness to turn over” that should be emphasized by those with back pain. High-resilience mattresses are generally made of a rigid material, so they have resilience and are easy to turn over, so they are also recommended for people with back pain.

Although I introduced that “a high-resilience mattress is recommended for those who have a backache”, there may be some cautious people who “want to know the disadvantages”. High-resilience mattresses are generally said to be less breathable than coil mattresses. However, of course, there are also high-resilience mattresses made with a focus on breathability. Besides, mattresses can maintain a comfortable bed environment to some extent by using bed pads, so it is not because the material is poorly breathable.